Additional Information and Frequently asked Questions

There are lots of car parks surrounding Central Hall. Click HERE to see them

The bar is open for large events. It is card payment only.

We generally open 30 minutes before an event. However we try to open the concourses and bar 1 hour before the event.

We have no control over ticket prices. The promoters book Central Hall on behalf of their artists as part of their national tours, and they set the price of the tickets.

This can vary from event to event depending on the artist and promoter (as they hire the venue and determine the cancellation policy).

Our auditorium is accessible from the ground floor. Ground floor seats are in the centre block (Block A).

Generally no, however we always create one for big events.

Our café is not currently open but watch this space!

Room Configurations

Main HallThe StudioRoom 4The Saints SuiteSmall Lounge
Theatre Style705-75018040124
U Shape605018XX

PA & Audio

Main speaker systemL’Acoustic KIVA Line
Array System
6x KIVA Per Side Flown
4x L’Acoustic SB118 Subs
2x L’Acoustic 8XTi In-Fill
2x L’Acoustic 8XTi Out-Fill
2x L’Acoustic 12XTi Out-Fill
L’Acoustic LA4/LA8 Amplifiers
Max SPL dBA109dBA
Mixing DeskAllen & Heath SQ7 - Digital Mixing Desk
32 Onboard Preamps
16 Line Outputs
33 Faders / 6 Layers
16 Assignable SoftKeys 8 Assignable Soft Rotaries
96kHz FPGA Processing
48 Input Channels
DEEP Processing Ready
12 Stereo Mixes + LR 3 Stereo Matrix
8 Stereo FX Engines + Dedicated Returns
64×64 I/O Port for Audio Networking
32×32 USB Audio Interface Range of Remote Expanders
Wireless In Ear
3x Sennheiser EW300 IEM G3
packs/receivers configurable as
either 3x Stereo or 6x Mono
Wired In Ear Monitors3x Fischer Amps Belt Pack
configurable as Mono or Stereo
Monitor Speakers2x HK Audio DART
Wireless Microphones2x Sennheiser EW500 G3
using Sennheiser E965 Capsure
1x Sennheiser G3 Body Pack
with Stageline Capsule
Microphones4x Sennheiser E604
1x Shure Beta 91
1x Shure SM81
1x Sennheiser 835
1x Sennheiser 945
4x Shure SM58
3x Shure SM57
2x AKG C1000
DI Boxes2x Radial Engineer Pro48
2x Radial Engineer Pro DI
1x Radial Engineering Pro D2
3x Behringer DT100

Lighting Main Hall

Lighting ControlLenovo touch screen PC running Chamsys software
72 dimmer circuits to various points in house and on trusses
Tie Lines2x universe control at FOH position
1st universe controls all house fixtures and Dimmers
2nd universe to rear of stage for visiting LX
Control PositionControl position is at the rear of house, at the top of the stalls.
House lights can also be controlled from here
Trusses (7)1st truss is an arch truss installed into the arch of the stage,
this is not moveable nor can it take any more units
2nd and 3rd trusses are over the stage and in the auditorium.
Both of these can be brought down on house motors (controlled by house staff)
4th – 7th are side of house trusses, two house right, two house left. These can not be moved and have to be reached by ladder

All side trusses have 7x 15a sockets and 1x DMX input.

All 3x main trusses have 17x 15a sockets and 1x DMX input on them. Each of the trusses has house light inputs on them, these are on 3pin 16a sockets and are marked as ‘House lights’.
Power63/3 socket at the back of the stage area for visiting
LX to plug in to
Various 13a sockets around the stage
LightingRear auditorium truss:
2x profiles
4x Par 64 CP62
2x Fresnel

Front auditorium truss:
6x Par 64 CP62
4x ADJ 5P Hex Pearl LED Pars

Arched truss:
10x Par 64 CP62
8x QTX SmartLight SL-64 LED Pars

On the two rear side trusses there are three profile units that can be focused on arrival. The two front side trusses at present have nothing rigged on them.
Additional units1x ZR22 smoke machine
2x LeMaitre Haze Machines
2x Fans
Various spares of units already on trusses
2x Snow machines

There is a fixed projection screen at the back of the stage, this is useable with a rear projecting projector. The in house projector is a Barco RLM-W8. This can be controlled from the front of house LX position if wanted. The screen is not moveable.

Please inform us in advance if you require the use of haze/smoke.

The hall can be entered from the rear of the building, in the car park via 2x sets of double doors. Both of these entrances have 3 steps into the main auditorium.


Projector *Barco RLM-W8
14ft x 7.9ft Rear Projection Screen
Presentation ControlKramer VP-461
Inputs **Apple iMac at Tech Desk
Apple TV at Tech Desk
VGA at Stage

*Please note our system runs at 1080p
** Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote are installed. If you would like to use this please ask your technician for details


SizeNumber of PhasesConnectorLocation
63A3CEE-FormInside - Upstage Centre
32A1CEE-FormInside - Under Stage*
32A3CEE-FormOutside - Gravel Car Park**

*Only available if House PA ISN’T Being Used
** Suitable for Tour Buses – can be run inside with additional cabling